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Our Services

Targeted Programs for Maximum Results

We are able to design a highly customized Targeted Investor Outreach based on your company's investor relations needs in order to provide you with the right investor exposure for your growth.

Our presentations are designed to achieve maximum results.

Luncheon presentations are still a very popular way of raising capital and promoting brand awareness in Europe.






GBTN's understandings of our client’s business needs, as well as the demands of the investment community and financial markets, help us to create a solid communications strategy. 


We provide our clients with a straight-forward independent Research & Valuation Report, covering all aspects of the investment opportunity from the Industry Analysis to the Company Valuation, Projected Stock Price.

At GBTN we have assembled an all-star team of Investor Relations and Public Relations specialists and consultants with over 200 years of combined industry experience at international companies. 

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world's third largest stock market, ranking only behind the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ. We can provide the full listing service for your company.

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