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Capital Raising

Are you a fund manager, publicly traded company or new start up business looking to raise funding for your company? In today's ultra-competitive environment, many emerging managers and companies find it difficult to get to the key decision makers and present them with their product. GBTN might have the perfect solution for you.

Luncheon Presentations

GBTN is a specialist in organizing high impact road show presentations throughout Switzerland and other key global financial locations. Luncheon presentations are an excellent way to effectively leverage a manager's time and resources. Our Presentation Packages can be custom tailored to meet any requirement.

How we organize

Our presentations are designed to achieve maximum results. Luncheon presentations are still a very popular way of raising capital and promoting brand awareness in Europe. All of our presentations are scheduled with an initial half hour networking session, followed by the meal. During the meal, the senior management team will make the presentation and during coffee and deserts will be the question and answering session. We also schedule an extra hour booking of the room at the end of the presentation for one-on-one follow up with interested attendees.

Booking the Perfect Venue

Most luncheon presentations will take place at a 5 star hotel. Depending on the city, the location of the hotel becomes very important. The hotel needs to be centrally located, with easy access. The meal served will be a gourmet meal, with several courses and an excellent selection of wines. The presentation facilities have to be impeccable with podium, laptop computer and proper lighting. GBTN organizes all of the details including presentation dates, meal & wine selection and making sure all of the facilities are functional.

Organizing Attendees

The success of any luncheon presentation will be directly determined by the quality of the attendees. GBTN uses its extensive contacts and database to pre-qualify attendees for maximum results. GBTN prefers to organize more intimate presentations with a maximum of 25 participants so each manager can make a personal connection with the audience.

Assistance with Presentation

The key to raising capital and promoting brand awareness is the quality of the presentation. GBTN works with all of its clients to customize their presentation to the local crowd and expectations. We give each client valuable insight into how to interact with the local crowd.

Follow up with Participants

It is rare that participants will come up to the manager or company right at the luncheon and ask to immediately invest. An ongoing part of our relationship is to follow up with all the participants to determine their interest. Usually, a further individual meeting will be scheduled where the business will be closed.

Cities Available in Europe


Geneva, Zurich, Lugano


Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin


Monte Carlo





United Kingdom



Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen

Cities Available in Asia



Hong Kong

Hong Kong




Our Presentation Packages can be custom tailored to meet any requirements. Our compensation is comprised of an upfront fee to cover the expenses in addition to a percentage fee based upon the amount of funds raised. Please contact GBTN for additional information or for a customized quotation based upon the amount of capital you would like to raise. We will make a recommendation for optimal number of cities and services required.

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