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Strategic Advisory

Communication Strategies

The success of a business is directly related to the value perceived by key stakeholders. These stakeholders almost always include shareholders and investors. However, at GBTN we also take into account the company employees, potential customers, community and government organizations, and the media when implementing our investor engagement platform.

GBTN's understandings of our client’s business needs, as well as the demands of the investment community and financial markets, help us to create a solid communications strategy. We work with clients to define a compelling value proposition and deliver it through a variety of channels to broaden exposure and stakeholder interest, ensuring that the client's overall communications strategy is cohesive with its investor relations strategy.

Critical Events & Crisis

As a company grows, management teams encounter dynamic events that must be handled quickly, carefully and professionally. Some examples include: Mergers & Acquisitions, senior executive turnover, discounted financings, crisis control, company restructuring and brand management in the event of unflattering or negative press.  Ensuring consistency and managing communications during these sensitive time periods is paramount.

Investor Exposure

With more than 100 years of cumulative industry experience, GBTN has cultivated long-lasting relationships with market participants nationwide.  We have facilitated some fruitful investments for many of these established contacts, and they remember the quality deals sourced from GBTN.  This existing investor group is complemented by an extensive database of brokers, family offices, institutional investors, bankers, private equity firms, angel and UHNW investors that we maintain and update on a daily basis. We help match investors with your company based on mutual goals and industry familiarity.

Targeted Investor Meetings

Face-to-face meetings with investors are a staple of our process for communicating the client’s message. We facilitate these meetings to create new support for the company and to firm up relationships with existing stakeholders. When first commencing investor outreach, we identify key leads that typically include individuals, buy side and sell side firms.

GBTN helps client management allocate time for meetings with qualified investors. We handle logistics and provide the client background information and approach strategies for the parties they will be meeting with.

Roadshows and Conferences

Road Shows and investor conferences are an excellent method for interacting with a solid audience of active stock market participants and investment industry professionals. We utilize both company-specific presentations and multi-company conferences in order to reach diverse audiences. GBTN helps with client presentation preparation while providing event awareness to effectively draw attendance from qualified parties. Diligent preparation of client investor presentations and materials helps to draw immediate investment interest and gives audiences concise and memorable takeaways. Many of these events provide enhanced opportunities for one-on-one meetings. By staying current and identifying relevant conferences and audiences, we save our clients the expense of the conference/roadshow learning curve.

Telephone Investor Outreach

We have created a unique telephone outreach program through which we regularly effectively communicate our client’s investment opportunity to market participants at all levels, on a large scale.  Introductory phone calls and follow-up calls from our knowledgeable individuals build strong and lasting exposure from new and existing shareholders. This proprietary outreach platform taps into our extensive database and facilitates both high-quality and high-quantity communications to maximize results. We have an active database of tens of thousands of fund managers, stockbrokers, private bankers, analysts, investment advisors, family offices and other investors that we use to increase exposure for our clients.

Digital Engagement

At GBTN we utilize a variety of digital communication media to maximize our engagement with online investors and key stakeholders.  It has been estimated that trillions of dollars of investor capital is positioned in self-directed online accounts.   Reaching and engaging this pool of investors can help drive both valuation and liquidity.  GBTN addresses the online buyer and strategically engages this large demographic for their clients. To reach this investor base we implement digital engagement practices that include targeted email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing to Facebook, Twitter, etc, Website Design, creative content creation, and digital advertising. We can also assist with the production of animations, viral videos and contests/sweepstakes to generate chatter about your company. Many of our efforts are measured using analytics so online campaigns can quickly be adjusted and improved. Ultimately, our client ends up generating considerable investor exposure through previously untapped digital methods.

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